IntelliBED Tempur-Pedic
Pressure Relief 30-70% less pressure than NASA memory
 (50-80% less than innersprings)
5-10% less than innerspring mattress
Spinal Alignment 20% better support (Excellent) Good support
Temperature Neutral (good air flow) Can retain body heat and sleep hot
Cushioning Immediate response to movement Slow response to movement
(hard to turn over)
Off-gassing NO Yes
Durability Last 3-4x Longer (Excellent) Good, but all foam degrades

 Come Try it For Yourself

 Part 1: Why We Switched from Tempur-Pedic to intelliBED

Emily Hill replaced her 10-year-old sagging mattress with a premium mattress by Tempur-Pedic, but even after 3 weeks, she was still not happy with it. In her 3-part video blog when tells why.

Part 2: Reasons We Disliked Tempur-Pedic

In this part of her video blog, Emily Hill speaks about her experience with Tempur-Pedic and why she was so anxious to switch to IntelliBED.

  1. The Smell. Even after 3 weeks, the smell permeates the bedding and even Emily’s pajamas. [That’s because foam-based mattresses are known to off-gas toxic chemicals when new and as they deteriorate over time.]
  2. The Softness. The longer you lay on it, and the deeper you sink in, the firmer it feels.
  3. Side Sleeping. Emily had problems with uneven support for hips and shoulders and would wake up sore.
  4. Temperature. Emily [and others] said Tempurpedic sleeps hot.
  5. Turning Over. Because you sink in so far, turning over is difficult.
  6. Sex. Emily barely hinted at the issue, and we usually don’t mention it, but we do hear complaints all the time that memory foam deadens the sexual experience, so we felt it should be called out as one of the common complaints. Specifically, what we hear is that (1) you sink in with memory foam, and (2) there’s no bounce.

Part 3: The IntelliBed Advantages

In part 3 of her video blog, Emily Hill meets with intelliBED Founder Bob Rasmussen to learn about the science behind IntelliBed and what makes Intelli-GEL so amazing. For the technical details, watch Bob’s video below.

IntelliBED versus Tempurpedic: Technical Details

This technical video by IntelliBED founder Bob Rasmussen emphasizes two important attributes: (1) spinal alignment and (2) pressure relief.

Jon SullivanTempur-Pedic distributor now sold on IntelliBED (and Intelligent Sleep)

Jon Sullivan was a 20-year Tempur-Pedic distributor, and as a licensed massage therapist and occupational therapist with his own stress issues, he found great benefit from our sleep coaching and fell in love with our pillows and IntelliGEL cushioning material. He now recommends Intelligent Sleep products & programs for anyone with sleep or stress issues. Watch Jon Sullivan’s story.

TV ad compares IntelliGel to Foam for Comfort

Even if you find the following TV ad a bit cheesy, at least it’s short & sweet, positioning the IntelliGEL cushioning material as 50-80% more comfortable than polyurethane, latex or memory foam.

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